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J & J Stevenson, a name synonymous with air conditioning, has built a solid reputation over the past 45 years in providing the most cost effective air conditioning and comfort solutions to customers across South Australia.

Being a family business, we take our reputation very seriously; we have too, because our name is on the line every day. As such at J & J Stevenson you will always find that we will only offer what’s already been tried, tested and proven to be amongst the industries best giving you peace of mind in knowing that any product we offer has already passed our stringent guidelines. Once you’ve had the J & J Stevenson experience all you need to do is sit back and enjoy years and years of satisfaction.

A recent product to join the J & J Stevenson team, but by no means a new product as it is taking not only Adelaide and all of Australia by storm but the entire globe is EnviroTemp.

We are proud to announce that J & J Stevenson has been appointed an official EnviroTemp dealer.

EnviroTemp, based right here in Adelaide, shares the same values we at J & J Stevenson live by, family owned, solid reputation, years in business and so forth. With energy costs skyrocketing, we are all looking for ways to reduce energy but who wants to also have to sacrifice comfort to do so? Sure, adjusting the temperature setting of your air conditioning system can save about 10% for every degree of change, but then if we set it at 24o it’s because we want it at 24o, so how can we save energy and keep our comfort?

EnviroTemp is the answer.


Every reverse cycle system can lose up to 20-30% of its energy efficiency within the first few years due to oil fouling. Efficiency loss due to the effects of oil fouling translates into higher energy use, poorer comfort and greater wear and tear on your machine. A tell-tale sign of this is your machine may be taking more time to get your home to the desired temperature.

Studies over numerous years conducted by the International Air Conditioning and Refrigeration body, ASHRAE confirm oil fouling can cause of up to a 7% efficiency loss within the first year, 5% the next and 2% every year thereafter until as much as 20-30% has been lost!

EnviroTemp is a one-time treatment that can eliminate the oil fouling and prevent it from happening again providing you with 2o-8o better efficiency, better efficiency means better comfort and lower energy.

Read some of EnviroTemp’s references. Customers using EnviroTemp have stated that because their system is now running more efficiently, their desired temperature in the home is achieved much more quickly. As such they’ve been able to adjust the temperature set point by a degree or two and maintain the same comfort but more importantly they are now saving 10% off their systems operating energy costs for every degree of change. By the way, this is on top of the energy savings EnviroTemp can provide.

Here are answers to some of your most common questions.

My system is new, do I need EnviroTemp?
Yes, as it has been documented by ASHRAE that your new system can lose as much as 7% of its efficiency the first year, 5% the next and 2% every year thereafter until it has lost about 20%-30% of its original efficiency, adding EnviroTemp at the time your unit is installed or early in its life you can benefit by not experiencing the costly efficiency losses that come with time. Importantly, you can save on wear and tear, thus adding longer life to your system.

My system is old, is it worth getting EnviroTemp?
Absolutely YES! Just because it’s old doesn’t mean it can’t be improved. If it’s still in good working order it has stood the test of time and could last even longer. It may have already reached its maximum efficiency loss of 20%-30%, and if so it has the potential to achieve better temperatures and energy savings.

For more information on how EnviroTemp can help you with your new or existing system give us a call, we’d love to help you.

Download an EnviroTemp Brochure (PDF) or Contact us to find out more >>

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